Strauss Consulting Group, LLC - Management Consultants For Supply Chain & Material Handling Logistics Strauss Consulting Group, LLC - Management Consultants For Supply Chain & Material Handling Logistics To Improve Customer Service While Reducing Costs
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SCG is a team of Senior Management Consultants specializing in all aspects of company operations, providing audit, analysis, design, and hands on implementation of systems to improve customer service and efficiency, for clients while reducing their costs

SCG’s Senior Staff has partnered in or worked in senior level positions for 4 major consulting firms so our innovative solutions include the “best from the rest

SCG has run companies and divisions of companies on our own, and for our clients

As such, we have been clients of numerous consulting companies and have an insider’s understanding of what a client requires from their consultant and what it takes to plan and implement a successful project
Our broad experience and diverse skills allow us to provide high ROI based solution
Solutions provided are therefore in the context of overall business requirements with no “ripple effects”

SCG has a proven track record with repeat business from companies of all sizes, from “Fortune 500” to Start-ups

SCG can provide any level of support our clients need:

Executive level expertise in areas of specialization that may not be available internally
Supplemental support to a client’s internal talent to expedite projects that would otherwise wait
Objective insights, as an outsiders to your organization, we are impartial and bring fresh ideas and viewpoints at an executive level to each client

SCG’s extensive experience in marketing, purchasing and inventory management allow us to assist our clients in planning product mix and inventory levels so we can plan operations to support the correct business model. How much of your time, space and dollars are wasted by storing “junk” or excessive quantities of slow moving product

SCG’s unique expertise with “quick-fixes” has allowed many clients to enjoy immediate benefits with little or no expense while we study longer term requirements

SCG has extensive experience with third party logistics and public warehouses as we have written business plans to create them and “Requests For Proposals” for clients considering using them

SCG has designed software for numerous business functions with IT consulting companies for internal requirements and for clients

We therefore have a unique expertise in defining software requirements and devising optimal IT solutions, whether tweaking or upgrading existing software, or selecting packages that take the client to the next level and beyond
We have written “Requests For Proposals” for clients and assisted in the selection and implementation of WMS and other key operational software

SCG’s “hi tech” capabilities, have produced successful results for clients at various service level and budget requirements

We have designed, engineered, and implemented both high level and conventional material handling systems and achieved high level results within conventional budgets
Designed and implemented a world class, state of the art distribution center for pharmaceuticals using automated equipment from European and American sources to outperform the previous industry leader by 50% and consolidate seven facilities into one
We then used concepts and principles from that project to achieve similar results using 3% of the budget with American equipment sources for an office supplies distributor
Assisted a client in incorporating a new product line into an already full warehouse within the $50,000 allotted project budget
Showed a client how to achieve required results using conventional systems rather than a $10,000,000 AS/RS system

SCG works closely with your staff at every level to become part of your team. We gain trust and therefore eliminate or reduce resistance to change.

Solutions are presented in the context of performance and benefits vs. costs in a way that makes it easy for management at every level to understand what will happen, how it will happen, associated risks, and justification of the new system and results it will bring
Employees welcome solutions that make their jobs both smarter and easier, and are often based on their input